patio set in terrace overlooking city
photo by Garrett Parker


HouseThatRoof is an itinerant event format produced by MXS+ and MXS Consulting for HouseThat.

We select the best rooftops, and arrange entertainment nights and daily thematic events to connect brands, people, and businesses.

Networking events and branding placements can be really fun if surrounded by cool entertainment and not seen as a boring to-do thing.

We produce vertical market events to connect suppliers, brands, startups, investors, and prospects, and we place them on jaw-dropping, Insta-ready rooftops, so they can use those media material on their resumés, and social profiles, stationary, and websites.

With our team having 25+years background in media production, tv and radio broadcast, import-export and logistics, social media marketing, and event production, you can rest assured that we’ll cater the best networking event you can think of. 

With vertical themes spanning from the e-commerce supply chain, digital marketing, influencer management, SaaS, metaverse/NFT, blockchain, business development, fintech, XaaS, startup studios, microfinance, micro-acquisitions, vertical marketplaces, and much more, your networking and biz dev thirst can be easily satisfied.

First event details coming soon…

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