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A lifestyle studio for social media-ready content

A network of accommodations in key places worldwide to showcase your brand, launch your next project, or create editorial-quality content for your channels !

Connecting offline experiences to online audiences.                   

From influencer and media events to content production, from branding to connecting to our global network.  Use our spaces as a canvas to create and promote your initiatives…And if you need a hand, our sister agency and partners will help you.

We customize our places to fit your needs.

 Every accommodation is a unique environment, perfect for a different setting: you got stylish city apartments with a modern or shabby chic touch; you got country-houses for a boho feeling and stunning natural landscapes; you got poolside villas for glamour shoots. We fill our places with props and cool stuff or you can furnish and stage the place with your own products to create a 100% brandable experience and also, why not, sell Directly-To-Consumer live!


The most Instagrammable houses ever!

From September 2021!

and many more locations to come…


Enjoy the wooden floors, the cool tech entertainment, the super furnished kitchen, and the uber-comfy beds.

Refresh your senses with pure Italian food, wine, and nature.

Get accustomed to superb living.


Bring out the artist in you!Use our professional gear to record your latest tune, create premiere videos/stories, showcase that product you want to sell, or shoot awesome selfies against our artistic walls and decor settings.

Get used to creating like a star.


Entertain your audience by sharing all the beautiful moments you’ve spent in our place.

Tag that brand you made a sponsorship with.

Sell that item you find into our flat.

Creatives & Artists

One of our unique characteristics is our flexibility.

Maybe you don’t need a place to stay and just want to shoot some high-res pics, videos, or audio?

Our studios are perfect for this, not much expensive compared to other solutions, and fully equipped to let you travel light and find everything on spot. If you have custom, specific needs, we can even arrange rentals with our partners for you, so you can have a one-stop-shop referent in us.

BRANDS: You are a new brand and you want to effectively communicate with your audience by showcasing your products.  You can send bonus gifts to influencers staying in our place, or you can just contact us to send your complimentary stuff to be featured inside the house. We’ll let our guests feature your products and promote them on socials, tagging you. We also got more intensive ways of working with brands (you can sell DTC products in the house or you can furnish/stage the place with your home decor or products so as to be featured in our/partners channels). Contact us on time.
AGENCIES: You represent creators/influencers/artists and want to arrange events or another media-ready get-together for your clients in our accommodations: we’re the perfect place for that.

Brands / Agencies

Founders / Startups

You are launching your last project and you want to focus on that, in a stable environment. Or you want to connect with other funders. Or having a content-ready place to start populating that empty social account. Maybe you would even like to have some help with the launch…You’re in the right place!

We can plug you into our global network, let you chat with mentors, connect you to our platforms and give some advice on strategies.

You are traveling around and want awesome, memorable experiences in comfortable places. 

Our accommodations are your best bet…and they come with additional entertainment features like multimedia streaming branded playlists, professional services, and more.

Or you just want to crash on our couch…cool!

Travelers / Tourists

Social Networks


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We’re updating our listings and booking system. Bookings will be available from September 2021.